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About Us

About Us

29+ Years Experience In Horn and Automotive Industry

At Basuri, our journey began in 1994 with a simple yet brilliant idea that has shaped our success story. Inspired during a trip to his village, the owner of Bansuri automotive, Mr. M N Kikani, envisioned a unique way to capture people's attention while driving and make the experience entertaining. This led to the development of Basuri, the revolutionary musical horn system.

After more than two years of dedication and hard work, we introduced the world to the musical air horn in 1997, setting new standards of excellence. Despite numerous attempts by other companies to replicate our innovation, none could match our ingenuity and craftsmanship.

What started as a venture solely focused on musical horns has now grown into a renowned manufacturer catering to diverse market segments. In 2015, we expanded our horizons and began exporting our products, receiving an overwhelming response from customers around the globe.

Our customers' love for our products fuels our passion to spread joy worldwide. Through our unique air horn, we not only surprise people with pleasant melodies but also prioritize their safety in a melodious manner.

At Bansuri, our mission is to make the whole world happy, one musical horn at a time. Join us on this harmonious journey and experience the joyous symphony of safety and entertainment.